H.M.P The Clink

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H.M.P The Clink


We do not recommend that you should attempt this game, until  completing at least 2 of our other games.

A 4-8 person challenge. Initial segregation into single cells. Individuals are required to use their clear descriptive skills of communication and gain unification into pairs then finally unite as a team to forge their break to freedom.

Team Building

This game is perfect for teams. Imagine teams of 4-8 players from each department of your company racing against the clock to escape.

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4 Players

£20per player
  • £80 per game

5 Players

£20per player
  • £100 per game

6 Players

£20per player
  • £120 per game

7 Players

£20per player
  • £140 per game

8 Players

£20per player
  • £160 per game
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