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The Old Morgue Bar is Now Open

Why not arrive early and relax in our lounge area. The fully licenced bar serves, tea and coffee as well as some Cornish draught lager, ales, ciders, and much more. Arrive early, relax and enjoy a drink with your friends, before entering one of our amazing Escape Games.

Welcome to Escape Rooms Plymouth

Have you tried “Live” escape games before ? No? Then we believe you should! Our games are very popular.

We suggest you play “Germ” first. It’s a thrilling game suitable for all ages. “Germ” is an ideal taster before you challenge yourselves against our other games.

Based on the online virtual games. Escape Rooms is a real-life room escape game which requires players to work together to solve hidden puzzles to escape a locked-in themed room, before the 1 hour timer runs out.

This exciting new concept, brings the popular online game into real life and gives players the opportunity to use their intuition, teamwork skills and intelligence to accomplish a unique and challenging task.

The game is incredibly popular in Asia, the US and several European countries. Thousands of people have played worldwide and 99% say they would visit again.

Game Room 1

Game Room 2

Game Room 3

Game Room 4

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Not the sort of thing I would normally sign up for, but some friends dragged me along to these themed rooms where you are locked inside. I was a bit anxious about what to expect, but once locked inside these themed rooms quickly absorbed me with puzzle problem solving. We started panicking and laughing as the clock was ticking against us. We were very close to escaping within the hour. It was a great way of spending time with my mates, we were talking about it and laughing for days after. I would love to try it again”
Ronnie, Plymouth
“Having heard about these rooms I had to give it a try. I got some friends together and went along. We were locked into a room and were faced with clues and puzzles. Which surprisingly brought out my competitiveness. With out giving too much away, it was totally brilliant and fun experience. A well thought out game.”
Andrew, London
“A great deal of fun. Escape rooms manage to capture all of the challenge of puzzle solving satisfaction of escape-the room computer games, but adds to the adrenaline of being there in real life. Probable the most intense hour you can spend with your mates.”
Mantas, Bristol
” I’m addicted to these rooms. Having tried Kiev, Budapest, London and Manchester, I can wait to try the one opening in Plymouth when I’m next down”
John. Manchester